Advantages Of Poly Coated Paper

Posted by Admin on May, 30, 2023

In the case of poly-coated paper, a coating of polyethylene may be present on either one or both sides of the paper. It has many advantages, including resistance to moisture, durability, printability, and resistance to oil and grease. These make it a preferred option for packaging, printing, and labeling applications.

Depending on how the paper will be used, the poly coating thickness may change. Poly-coated paper distributors use base papers from which poly-coated paper can be created. Below is a list of some of the principal advantages of poly-coated paper:

A Barrier To Water

It is ideal for packing food and other things that need moisture protection. This is because of the great moisture resistance of the poly covering.

Unaffected By Grease And Oil

Additionally, poly-coated paper offers resistance to oil and grease. This makes it ideal for packaging greasy or oily meals like fast food or fried goods.


The poly coating increases the paper's tensile strength and durability and makes it more rip- and puncture-resistant. This makes it perfect for packing goods that require a robust and long-lasting material.


For printing high-quality graphics and photos, poly coated paper is a popular option since it has a smooth surface that is simple to print on.


Recycled paper can be used to create reusable and environmentally friendly poly-coated paper. As a result, it is a packaging choice that is environmentally friendly.

Uses for Poly Coated Paper

The advantages of poly coated paper, including its resistance to moisture, durability, printability, and resistance to oil and grease. These have led to a variety of applications for it in a number of different industries. Poly-coated paper is frequently used for applications including:

Packing For Food

Fast food wrappers, French fry bags, popcorn bags, and ice cream containers are just a few examples of the many food packaging applications for poly coated paper.

Medicine Packaging

Surgical instrument coverings, surgical gown wraps, and sterilization bags are just a few examples of medical packaging used for poly-coated paper.

Labeling And Adhering

For printing premium labels and stickers that call for a robust and water-resistant material, the poly-coated paper offers a smooth surface that is appropriate.

Purchase Packaging

Shopping bags, gift boxes, and garment bags are just a few examples of the retail packaging products made from poly coated paper.

Construction And Building

Building materials including wall sheathing, vapor barriers, and roofing underlayment all use poly-coated paper as a moisture barrier layer.

Commercial Packaging

Poly coated paper is employed in industrial packaging for heavy-duty materials that need to be wrapped in a strong, moisture-resistant covering.

Application Specialty

In addition, poly-coated paper is used for a number of specialized purposes, including wallpaper, book covers, and envelopes.


Paper with a poly coating offers exceptional moisture resistance, making it perfect for packaging goods that need to be moisture-proofed. Paper that has a poly coating is resistant to tearing and punctures. Poly-coated paper is recyclable and can be created from environmentally friendly materials like recycled paper. For packaging and printing purposes, it is a practical material.

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